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last week in pictures | april 14-20, 2014

Last Thursday, our friends Jennie and Zach made the trip from Ottawa to visit us in Madison. We're so lucky to have them here during our last little bit of time living in the Midwest. Over the weekend we drove to Chicago to show them around. It was great to discover a few yet unexplored neighbourhoods and test out some more restaurants and bars. Some quick recommendations: Azzura EnoTavola for top notch Italian, Range for delicious new American, and Homeslice for a woodsy atmosphere and free s'mores!

I'm keeping today's post brief because our amazing guests are still here, and we're off to continue our adventures.

 Jennie discovered her favourite cocktail and I discovered green sparkling wine at Range

And just two from Instagram this week: shivering at Wrigley Field and drinking tea by the lake.

Wishing you a lovely week!


portraits of stephanie

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet and photograph Stephanie. We worked together over the course of a few hours, testing out a range of different looks. Of the many facets of Stephanie's beauty, I decided to highlight her beautiful hair and extraordinary bone structure. I have no formal training in hairstyling, so I always appreciate the opportunity to refine my cobbled-together skills during beauty shoots.

Stephanie is a master of posing, and is incredibly natural and graceful in front of the camera. Apart from giving her some simple suggestion as to how to angle herself towards our light sources, she needed little to no direction. It was a joy to watch her work. Stephanie, thank you so much for your lovely presence. Best of luck with your many jobs and creative projects, and have lots of fun running and rock climbing in between!

Photography/Makeup/Hair: Dallas Curow
Model: Stephanie Stewart/The Rock Agency

Don't you love this lip colour? It's a brand new addition to my kit: La Malicieuse by Chanel, for those interested.


skin finish fixes for FASHIONmagazine.com

As part of my latest series of posts for FASHIONmagazine.com, I wrote about skin finishes, which is a very specific topic that made me totally makeup geek out while exploring it. I wanted to write about something that wasn't based on a trend or a season, but rather was a timeless tip that can be integrated into your toolkit of beauty knowledge. I'm always grateful that the lovely folks at FASHION are open to my ideas, and am happy to have had the chance to photograph the different skin finishes and accompanying makeup looks on my sassy and spirited model, Angelika. Read the post >>


Model photography and makeup: Dallas Curow
Product photography: Carlo Mendoza
Model: Angelika/The Rock Agency


last week in pictures: april 7-13, 2014

Late last night, I returned from a weekend in New York with some of my dearest friends. Brian and I met Mark, Jessica and Peter when we were all in the same MA program at Concordia University. Throughout the years and many moves and travels, I'm so happy to say our friendships have grown even stronger and more meaningful. We try to get together whenever possible, coming together from our various cities for what is always a hilarious and awesome time. I cherish their friendship and marvel at the ways in which they inspire and surprise me. I blame more than half of my smile lines on these people, as any time spent with them is full of convulsive laughter.

We flew in Thursday morning and met Mark at the airport. After checking into our rental in Bushwick, we headed to Manhattan to wander around in the sunshine. Mark introduced me to Strand on this trip, which was the most expansive and well-stocked bookstore I've seen. It was heaven.

Later that evening, Peter and Jess arrived and the group of us headed out for dinner and drinks in Williamsburg. Can you tell they used to be roommates?

The next day, we hopped on the subway and spent the whole day exploring. It was Jessica's first time in New York, so we tried to see as much as possible. We started in the Lower East Side and walked up through the East Village to the West Village.

Then we hopped on the High Line and walked up to Midtown, which is always one of my favourite things to do in the city.

Note to self: always wear lipstick!

We spent the evening exploring, grabbed some dinner, then went to meet up with some friends of Peter's in the East Village.

We wrapped up our night with a visit to Katz's Deli, a place I hadn't been before but have always wanted to visit as a big fan of late-night diners!

The next day, while Jess went to get a new tattoo in Coney Island, the rest of us continued our epic walk around Manhattan. 

At Night, we stopped by our friend Dev's birthday party/housewarming in Boerum Hill, then went to Williamsburg to meet our friends Jenn and Pierre in Williamsburg. I've known Jenn since my second year of university, and it's always so great to visit her when we're in the city!

Our last morning was a sleepy one, but after packing up and Peter finishing up one of his weekly columns, we were able to grab a final meal together in Bushwick.

After the gang had left (silent tear; until next time!), Brian and I still had a few hours before our thrice-delayed flight, so we went back to Boerum Hill to spend more time with our friend Dev at his new place. Can you believe how amazing his bookshelves are? He found his carpenters on Craigslist and worked with them to create the perfect design.

We went for a quick meal at Rucola (so good!) and then made it to LaGuardia in time for our flight. We packed so much walking and action into the long weekend that I can barely move today. It's wonderful being exhausted from fun.

As usual, here are few more moments from Instagram!

We're back in Madison now and are happy to relax before we begin the process of moving back to Canada in just over a month! I hope you guys all had great weekends and that the days ahead will be lovely :)