work in progress | photo/video project

Hi guys! It's a dark and stormy day so I'm cuddled up indoors, working like crazy to finish up a bunch of projects before I head out on a little trip. My 2015 "busy" season has officially kicked off, so I'm, well,  busy behind the scenes. I'm living in an email vortex, finalizing plans with some lovely wedding coordinators, making travel arrangements, editing photos, asking Brian to shine my shooting shoes because I'm useless at that, and stopping only to go to the gym or to pick up a treat to keep me going.

I have a few projects happening in the background of all this, and one of them is a photo/video project I'll be working on over the next few months. I posted a casting call recently and am really happy to have some familiar faces and new models on board. I thought it might be fun to post a few peeks into this project as part of my Work in Progress series.

Here's one frame from a nighttime shoot with model Sam. I always love the cinematic feel of night images, especially during a rainstorm, so I was really appreciative of Sam's patience for standing in the cold, wet night with me.

A second shoot with my brother and his dog on a frozen beach. The images of us below were taken by his girlfriend, Ida.

And third, a still from some GoPro footage taken by my other brother, Jeremy, that shows me photographing Noelle and Michael in a park on a very blustery day. The images that follow are two of the shots I was taking at that time.

This project is only just beginning, so I'll continue to share little glimpses along the way. I'm really grateful for the help of everyone involved so far and excited to keep working away on things in my spare time and learning about the joys and challenges of photo/video fusion along the way.

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mothers, exist in photos

As winter draws to a close, I start getting excited about some of my favourite celebrations. My birthday and wedding anniversary are in the spring, just two days apart which makes for a fun few days. I also always look forward to Mother's Day, as it gives me a chance to celebrate with my mom and mother-in-law and let them know how much I appreciate them and all they do for everyone in their lives.

As some of you may know, my mom is a photographer herself. She gave me my first camera, would take glamour shots of me and my childhood friends at my birthday parties, walked me though everything I needed to know before shooting my first wedding, and supports my dreams every day. She will be the first to admit that while she was busy taking beautiful images of our family's story all throughout my life, she spent most of her time behind the camera. The rare photos we have that she is in are extra special to me. I treasure each image that shows her as the strong and inspiring woman she is.

I'd like to encourage all mothers to step out from behind the scenes or behind the camera and be in the photos with their kids of all ages. Inspired by photographer Sue Bryce and her #ExistInPhotos campaign, I created this video with the help of my friend Alex and her daughter Whitney.

With Mother's Day approaching, I would love to photograph mothers and their children together. I'm keeping some dates open in my calendar in late April and early May, so please get in touch if you're a mom who would like to book a portrait session with her kids, or if you'd like to treat your mom to some family portraits. Let's make some memories together!


under the winter sun

The first quarter of the year has gone by so quickly, hasn't it? I've been working away in my office, spending time with some dear friends, doing my taxes, finishing longtime projects, making preparations for wedding season to begin and dreaming of creative ventures for the year ahead. I've been trying to live as simply as possible during this time. That means that while I lived vicariously through all my friends who visited tropical locales, I stayed close to home and took my breaks here in the great white north. Here are some of my favourite snowy moments with family and friends from the past few months.

Snow party at our cottage on what had to have been the coldest day of winter.

Visiting the otherworldly frozen tundra that is Sauble Beach in February.

Wandering with Jeremy and Alex on a rare bright winter day.

Day tripping to Hamilton with my siblings and our significant others.

And spending at weekend at my parents place during the spring equinox.

I'm excited that, though it may not feel like it, spring is here. Oh, and one last thing! When I posted the photo below on the left on Instagram, Sue, the mother of Alex (my little brother's girlfriend, second from the right) saw it and was inspired to make a print of it. So the next day, from the other side of the world, she created first an aluminumn print etching (centre image) and then some silkscreen prints. How amazing is that? I love the internet.


reimagined winter wedding in toronto

This has been my first winter in Toronto, and it's been a chilly one, so I was very enthusiastic about teaming up with some fellow wedding industry professionals to create a styled winter wedding that we would shoot indoors! During our initial brainstorming session, we talked about how we wanted to do a winter shoot that felt light and dreamy instead of heavy and dark. So instead of wrapping our bride in blankets and trekking into the snow, we decided to set our sights on a sunlit indoor space and create a styled celebration that felt like a warm haven on a cold day.

Here's our planner/stylist The Event Room to tell you more about our concept:

The inspiration for this shoot came to us after a heavy snowfall blanketed the city of Toronto, Canada — a once bustling city was transformed into a dreamlike snow globe, something truly magical to behold. We sought to capture the look and feel of freshly fallen snow, crisp winter skies with a softened urban/industrial vibe. 

Our vision for this styled shoot was a modern, reimagined winter wedding, light and soft, ultra-feminine with a masculine edge, the perfect affair for a stylish metropolitan couple. We incorporated a soft colour palette of snowy whites and icy blues, soft lines and layered textures. The main design elements featured a white on white sweetheart table setting, with lush and creamy florals, faux fur rugs and cozy pillows on Louis ghost chairs. Gold touches, pale blue chargers, crystal quartz prisms and fluffy cotton added warmth and depth to the delicate tablescape. The invitation suite and paper goods created by Paula Lee were modern, dreamy, soft, and like a snowflake, completely unique as they were artfully created by hand with beautiful white calligraphy on vellum. The dessert table followed suit, with macarons, a simple watercolour cake on white pedestals, and in the background a glowing neon heart sign. 

We fell in love with the idea of working with local Toronto vendors to create a unique local vibe. Uniting with graphic designer Elemenopee Design, we worked to make Toronto front and centre, with the backdrop of the shoot being a one-of-a-kind map of the City, with a heart spotlighting the venue, Artscape Youngplace. For our beautiful bride, we imagined two looks, an elegant white gown for daytime and a light-as-air black number for when the sun sets and the neon lights are aglow. 

The floral design was created by Karen of Cedar & Stone Floral Studio.

The elegant calligraphy was done by Paula Lee. I loved the white on vellum look.

This gorgeous white dress was provided by LoversLand, a super cool new boutique on Toronto's Ossington strip.

This awesome multi-frame map of Toronto was made by Elemenopee Design. See if you can spot the heart that marks the location of our shoot.

The cake and macarons were provided by the talented folks at Le Dolci.

As I mentioned, when we were imagining our winter wedding concept, we loved the idea of the bride changing into a dark gown for the evening portion of her day. This knockout number and chic accessories were provided by Clementine's Luxury Resale, a lovely new shop in Rosedale.

Thanks to friends at SOOP SOOP for lending us this pretty neon heart.

Thank you so much to all who contributed to this shoot!


Venue: Artscape Youngplace  //  Planning and styling: The Event Room  //  Photography and makeup: Dallas Curow  //  Floral design: Cedar & Stone Floral Studio  // Calligrapher: Paula Lee  //  Model: Anastasia/Orange Models  //  Bride's dress (white, Nicole Miller) provided by LoversLand  //  Bride's dress (black, Theyskens' Theory), shoes and gold necklacke provided by Clementine's Luxury Resale  //  Bakery: Le Dolci  //  Graphic design: Elemenopee Design  //   Rings: Brazen Design  // Crystal earrings: Kate Spade  //  Gold earrings and bracelet: Joe Fresh